Electronics and Communication Engineering – Titles




VAND1 A new schemes for measuring multiple human bio waves using android application environment
VAND2 A fast and accurate on vehicle data acquisition and diagnosis hardware structure using android telematics
VAND3 Android application control based medical wheel chair operating and controlling system.
VAND4 An intelligent process control robotic operating using smart phone system
VAND5 Android Controlled Based Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera
VAND6 Modern approach of Industrial equipments control using android App
VAND7 Bluetooth based embedded system design for industrial process  monitoring system
VAND8 Design and controlling of smart door easy access using android app with BT module
VAND9 Dynamic monitoring and scheming of residential energy management system using smart phone
VAND10 A modern technical advancement of secured vehicle engine ignition system using Mobile phone APP
VAND11 A novel approach of robotic structure for Fire-Fighting and  extinguish system using android app
VAND12 Optimized position and angle tracking of antenna system using smart phone App
VAND13 Compact Controlling System of  vehicle mirror angle adjustment using modern GUI APP
VAND14 A smart phone program based railway gate management system
VAND15 An efficient and accurate controlling process of dam shutter operation during emergency period using smart phone app
VAND16 Android application program based load lifting  and shifting system
VAND17 Implementation of coal mine process using the Bluetooth wireless transmission
VAND18 Development of real-time wireless monitoring system for greenhouses: Industrial Bluetooth application


IOT (Internet Of Things)


VIOT1 An efficient identification system of currency status  in ATM machine using IOT
VIOT2 An active monitoring and analyzing process of environmental conditions using IOT
VIOT3 IOT based smart home design using power and Security management
VIOT4 Developing an open access monitoring device for off-grid renewable
VIOT5 BSN-CARE: a secure IOT-based modern Healthcare system using body sensor network
VIOT6 An intelligence data communication of ATM money availability details to user through IOT
VIOT7 An intelligence data communication of Ration shop – food things availability details to user through IOT
VIOT8 An intelligence data communication of  industrial process monitoring parameter details using IOT
VIOT9 A dynamic communication  and controlling system of industrial machine using IOT
VIOT10 An accurate tracking of industrial transportation system for preventing adulteration of food products
VIOT11 Optimized network system based  Dam water pollution monitoring system  and communicated to pollution control board
VIOT12 Web-based remote monitoring system for nuclear power plant




VPELT1 An Efficient generating of  power from waste heat and cold source
VPELT2 An intelligent charging system of modern smart phone using semiconductor device (PELTIER)
VPELT3 Modern technique strategic for operating  poly dc motor system using ICE berg
VPELT4 A new schemes for activating LED night lamp system by using thermal energy




VRTR1 3D pointing gesture recognition for human-robot interaction
VRTR2 Human action recognition based on 3d skeleton part-based pose estimation and temporal multi-resolution analysis
VRTR3 A realistic walking model for enhancing redirection in virtual reality
VRTR4 Bringing basic accessibility features to virtual reality context


PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication)


VPLC1 A new schemes for monitoring and controlling the medical gas cylinders using PLCC
VPLC2 An efficient integrated Tele-voice (phone) communication system using Power Line Carrier Communication.
VPLC3 An efficient integrated Industrial or home devices status monitoring and controlling system using Power Line Carrier Communication.
VPLC4 An efficient computer networking system using Power Line Carrier Communication
VPLC5 An emergency power shutdown  managements system in industrial plant process areas during  precarious periods
VPLC6 Dynamic controlling process of  industrial machine  using power Line Carrier communication




VLFI1 Application of li-fi technology in the transmission of the sound at the base of the PWM
VLF2 Implementation of data communication system from one node to another using VLC
VLFI3 Smart vehicular communication system using LIFI technology
VLFI4 Implementation of zigbee-VLC system to support light control network configuration
VLFI5 High Impact design structure of VLC on light emission quality of white LEDS
VLFI6 A Compact Stereo audio streaming  system via visible light
VLFI7 Uncoordinated multiple access scheme for VLC systems with positioning capability
VLFI8 New Experimental  and biomedical EEG signal transmission using VLC




VWPT1 An intelligent and high secured E- power transmission to head land areas by using hybrid distribution network
VWPT2 Short range Electricity  power distribution system for Military canvas tent using witircity
VWPT3 Modern power distribution technological innovation system of Wireless Power system for various E- devices
VWPT4 An Investigation model of near field wireless power transfer under multiple device operating systems.
VWPT5 Designing efficient inductive coupling based wireless power transmission for bio medical instrumentation
VWPT6 An efficient contactless power charging system for Electrical vehicle using magnetic resonant coupler.
VWPT7 A real-time electrically controlled active matching circuit utilizing genetic algorithms for wireless power transfer to biomedical implants.
VWPT8 Wireless power transfer for access limited wireless underground sensor networks.
VWPT9 Smartphone charging system using non-contact power transmission




VEMD1 An intelligent and smart technological advancement of  Unmanned Petrol Bunk automation system
VEMD2 A new modeling schemes for measuring earth vibration parameter and building prevention system by using Shaking Table Approach.
VEMD3 An accurate measurements and monitoring process of missiles parameter testing in military applications.
VEMD4 Statistical parametric speech synthesis and analysis for irregular voice modeling people with Multilanguage announcement
VEMD5 A fast and accurate controlling design strategy based on Gesture recognize authentication system
VEMD6 Dynamic logic construction of vehicle health monitoring and controlling system using CAN protocol (CAN)
VEMD7 An efficient Speed controlling and parameters monitoring of induction motor using PC with SCADA
VEMD8 Modern and accurate breaking automation system of vehicle for preventing accident
VEMD9 An  intelligent security system for industrial gas monitoring process and alert using MQ-6
VEMD10 A novel approach for Real Time Clock based lighting automation system
VEMD11 A new schemes for digitized vehicle lock- using matrix key system
VEMD12 High impact controlling of Domestic power management system
VEMD13 An intelligent technique for collecting maximum solar energy using auto sun tracking system
VEMD14 Dynamic detection of human entry and preventing system using Solar source and PIR sensor.
VEMD15 Compact design of  LED street-light using motion sensor tracking
VEMD16 Dynamic design structure of conference hall automation controlling system using embedded & sensors
VEMD17  High impact design model of Home or industrial monitoring and alerting system (security)
VEMD18 A new schemes for Smartcard based energy meter prepaid system
VEMD19 Dynamic  power management system of general lighting system based on illumination control
VEMD20 High secured controlling and preventing of over loaded vehicle on civil bridge structure using load cell
VEMD21 A new design schemes for air quality monitoring in living areas with low power exhaust control
VEMD22 An efficient system of Solar Powered Highways Lighting with Auto Intensity control
VEMD23 An intelligent automobile parking automation system  using  sensor with embedded controller
VEMD24 An intelligent talking – walking stick for visually impaired people
VEMD25 An efficient security alerting implementation based on Pyro-electric Infrared sensor system
VEMD26 Modern intelligence  and automation of  unmanned railway gate  controlling system
VEMD27 A Real Time Clock based accurate controlling of street light power management
VEMD28 An accurate detection of railway track crack using closed loop electric system
VEMD29 A new design approach for escalator automation in the place of air-ports  and industrial  area
VEMD30 Dynamic controlling and preventing  of vehicle mobilization on hair pin bend road using intelligence traffic sign signal
VEMD31 Advanced announcement system of any natural disaster (Earth quake, flooding ) using sensor with embedded controller
VEMD32 An Integrated Drunken Driving Prevention System using alcohol sensor
VEMD33 An intelligent model and high accurate human tracking based shopping trolley with auto billing system
VEMD34 PIR and Global communication based efficient voice alerting and intimation system for dangerous zone
VEMD35 Automatic agriculture land parameters monitoring and controlling system using sensory network
VEMD36 High secured and intelligent vehicle accessing system by using RF communication with embedded matrix keypad control
VEMD37 Biometric sensor based (Finger print) E-voting system with instant result announcement
VEMD38 Digitized  senor network based  intimation and emergency alerting  of ATM machine theft prevention system
VEMD39 An automatic monitoring and intimation of pollution  level of drinking water
VEMD40 An efficient prevention system of visually impaired people from dangling object
VEMD41 Compact design structure of overload warning and vehicle control automation system using Embedded  load-cell
VEMD42 Digitized and programmed  modern advertisement display with animation system using LED technology
VEMD43 An efficient detection of drowsy driving system for avoiding vehicle accident using  eye blink sensor
VEMD44 Intelligence of monitoring process of intensive care personnel
VEMD45 High impact global communication process for identifying the coastal disaster alert using float sensor
VEMD46 Smart home automation system for energy efficient housing
VEMD47 Development of an intelligent system for bank security




VCS1 Intelligent and Hybrid Technology for operating ATM machine using Smartcard with GSM
VCS2 An intelligent technology for identification of  flight landing area during emergency period using RALs
VCS3 Multi-channel data acquisition and data logging for Green House application
VCS4 Advancement of audio signal auto-muting  system during mobile signal processing
VCS5 Fast and accurate Monitoring and controlling of fire in petro chemical processes area using RF
VCS6 An intelligent intimation assisting system for railway wagnor monitoring application using Wireless MAC protocol (WSN)
VCS7 An intelligent controlling of traffic signal based preventing violation of automobile (vehicle) system
VCS8 High impact automatic detection and intimation of  underground water pipe leakage system using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
VCS9 Enforced Avoidance of traffic violation and vehicle tracking mechanism on traffic signal field using ITSS
VCS10 A smart sensor signal assisting system for railway compartment and track monitoring application using Wireless protocol
VCS11 An accurate Environmental condition measurements and data acquisition system by using wireless sensor network with SCADA.
VCS12 An intelligent traffic light controlling  system for emergency vehicles
VCS13 A new automation schemes for  controlling vehicle speed in limit zone
VCS14 High impact design structure of instant EB  billing system using global communication system (GSM)
VCS15 Fast and accurate controlling of toll plaza management system using smart card
VCS16 High secured monitoring and intimation system of vehicle security using RFID intelligence
VCS17 Dynamic wireless communication protocol based LPG gas cylinder booking automation system
VCS18 High performance considerations for automotive equipment design approach in vehicle to vehicle communication
VCS19 An accurate controlling of  commercial and industrial device management system using GSM technology
VCS20 A dual-channel, interference-free, bacteria-based biosensor for highly-sensitive water quality monitoring
VCS21 Tele- communication based announcement system on border security issues for traveler at emergency period using FM broadcasting
VCS22 An intelligent model and high accurate human tracking based shopping trolley with auto billing system
VCS22 An automatic control of students attendance monitoring system in class rooms using RFID
VCS23 Emergency notice display board using Global communication modulator and demodulator
VCS24 Compact design and implementation of low cost alternatives for urban noise monitoring using WSN
VCS25 An enhanced approach for integrity monitoring system for prior disaster assessment in civil structures using WSN
VCS26 High performance considerations for automotive equipment design approach in vehicle to vehicle communication
VCS27 High impact design model of Home or industrial monitoring system (security) with wireless camera
VCS28 An intelligent implementation of bore well operating system using Global communication system (GSM)
VCS29 A simple and accurate controlling system of electrical and electronics appliances using wireless communication system (RF)
VCS30 Wireless communication based liquid food (juice/coffee/tea) serving machine
VCS31 An efficient Detection for Landslide Prediction & Intimation in Hill Areas
VCS32 A noval design  approach for Tele-cardiology based ECG monitoring system
VCS33 Dynamic design structure of  GSM based industrial and home energy limiter
VCS34 A new solutions  and identification for staff localization  using  RFID intelligence
VCS35 An optimized tracing process  of mobile phone signal with jammer in confidential area
VCS36 Short distance wireless communication based railway platform controlling system using RFID
VCS37 Global communication based wireless power distribution status monitoring system and auto disconnect
VCS38 A noval approach for wireless video monitoring process for vehicle status updating and alerting  system against malfunction
VCS39 High impact vehicle tracking system using near field communication system
VCS40 Modern agriculture cultivation  automation system using wireless application protocol (WAP)
VCS41 Open communication based monitoring and control of melter process in sugar industry
VCS42 Reliability of an in-vehicle warning system for railway level crossings – a user-oriented Analysis
VCS43 Location finder using Augmented Reality for railways assistance
VCS44 Reliable communication and controlling  the technological rescue of  elephants along living areas
VCS45 Reliable monitoring of oil and gas pipelines using wireless sensor network (WSN) —REMONG




VBIM1 An intelligent identification and wrong site alerting system for the doctors during surgical operation
VBIM2 A new modeling of contactless cardiac and respiratory signal waves monitoring device using wearable sensor. (PC/WSN/ANDROID)
VBIM3 An efficient distance measurements and observation of acoustic loss using WSN
VBIM4 A RTC based real time remaindering and auto dispensed pill box system (WSN)
VBIM5 Designing efficient inductive coupling based wireless power transmission for bio medical instrumentation
VBIM6 Estimation of circadian body temperature rhythm based on heart rate in healthy, ambulatory subjects  (WSN)
VBIM7 A multi-signal acquisition system for preventive cardiology with cuff-less BP measurement capability (WSN)
VBIM8 An efficient monitoring and intimation system  of  patient inability action period
VBIM9 Automatic schemes for communication of patient database to doctors system using BAN.
VBIM10 A modern technological advancement based power charging system of Deep brain stimulator using wireless electricity transmission
VBIM11 An automatic communication system of 108 ambulance service in unmanned areas using Global system
VBIM12 Design of vital sign monitor based on wireless sensor networks and telemedicineTechnology (WSN)
VBIM13 A reliable and fast routing data transmission protocol for Wi-Fi based real-time patient monitoring system
VBIM14 A Level-Crossing Based QRS-Detection Algorithm for Wearable ECG Sensors




VROB1 Compact design structure of  Coal Mine Rescue Robotic system
VROB2 Wireless Data Glove for Finger Gesture control robot
VROB3 An accurate control of navigation robot using wireless application protocol
VROB4 Dynamic design of robotic structure for Fire-Fighting and  extinguish automation system
VROB5 A robust design of inspection Robot for Modeling and analysis toward in pipe gas leakage detection
VROB6 A  compact and dynamic design implementation of dual arm tele-surgery robot
VROB7 Integral forced design based planetary research robot
VROB8 A low cost and compact design implementation of swarm (Master- Slave) robotics system
VROB9 An intelligent design structure of robotics for distributed land slide detection and intimating system
VROB10 High impact design structure of Human alive detection robot in military application as well as disaster
VROB11 A new robotic system for cultivation of agriculture process
VROB12 Dynamic design structure of paint spraying robotics system in industrial process
VROB13 Modern high torque pick and place robot




VOPT1 New noval design approach for dam seepage monitoring system based on distributed optical fiber system
VOPT2 Designing a colour pulse timing control for pulse width modulation light dimming of LED for plant cultivation
VOPT3 An intelligent controlling system for remote operated electrical switch board using invisible optical rays.
VOPT4 Dynamic security production for industrial / home area using invisible optical source.
VOPT5 Optocomm: introducing a new optical underwater wireless communication modem
VOPT6 Optimized short range telephone/inter-voice link communication system using fiber channel




VMW1 Magneto cumulative generator as RF/microwave source using tesla coil method
VMW2 Dynamic tracking and fault identification system for inner or outer power transmission line conduction using electromagnetic field radiation




VSAT1 Modern approach for solar space power harnessing station in satellite system
VSAT2 A micro model design structure of satellite system using remote sensing


CAN (Control Area Network – Master Slave)


VCAN1 CAN control based vehicle health automation system
VCAN2 Compact controlling process of industrial system using CAN protocol
VCAN3 High impact design structure of different chemical tank controlling system using CAN
VCAN4 Optimized monitoring and alerting process of civil structures disaster management using CAN protocol
VCAN5 Design and verification of CAN bus based devices for parking spaces detection




VSIM1 Independent solar energy model for incubator operation control using Proteus simulink
VSIM2 An intelligent traffic light signal automation in four way cross analysis using Proteus simulink
VSIM3 Breast Cancer Detection using PCPCET and ADEWNN: A Geometric Invarian Approach to Medical X-rays Image Sensors using MATLAB
VSIM4 Brain Tumor Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images
VSIM5 Analysis and implementation of various noise sources and effective removal processing of remote images using MAT simulink
VSIM6 An efficient implementation of text to speech conversion using MATLAB




VPE1 An compact and efficient system of low power LED power system using solar source
VPE2 Modern cellular multi-phone power boosting /charging using free energy semiconductor (solar)
VPE3 Modern controlling structure of mobile wheel chair for physically disabled people based on solar energy system
VPE4 A new design wireless distribution structure of solar power transmission




VIEL1 Automatic laboratory power control and sequential switching system using AT89S52
VIEL2 Free energy based-hybrid automobile efficient operating system
VIEL3 Fast and free energy based water irrigation  automation system for agriculture land
VIEL4 An efficient analysis of detecting  poison level of chemical wastage in industrial drainage system
VIEL5 An optimized technological advancement of preventing the human alive from high electric shock from industrial process.
VIEL6 Compact design strategy of preventing and auto shutdown of industrial machine from natural and artificial disaster



VIMP1 Fast Retinal Vessel Detection and Measurement Using Wavelets and Edge Location Refinement
VIMP2 Crack Detection and Classification Based on New Edge Detection Method
VIMP3 Nearest Neighbor on iris recognition using randomized partitioning
VIMP4 Color based multiple object tracking using Matlab
VIMP5 Image segmentation based on markov random fields
VIMP6 Segmentation of pet images based on affinity propagation clustering
VIMP7 Feature extraction for character recognition in matlab
VIMP8 Soft thresholding for image segmentation
VIMP9 Face detection based on Support Vector Machine Classifier




VTS1 High impact design structure of controlling priority devices using smart touch system
VTS2 An intelligent global data  communication system during emergency period
VTS3 Optimized alerting system  for  patient in intensive care unit using Smart screen Sensing