In this training, we are providing mini project circuit design to each and every student to do the mini project individually. This training supports them to design & develop the industrial and commercial product. List of the experiments given below:

  • Simple LED (Light Emitting Diode) Experiments:
  1. Motor speed Control
  2. Simple DC (FAN) motor connection
  3. Simple alarm (low cost calling bell)
  4. LED Parallel connection (parallel circuit)
  5. LED series connection (series circuit)
  6. LED Tester using CMOS (CR2025) battery
  • SENSOR based simple Experiments:
  1. Fire indicator
  2. Fire alarm
  3. Temperature based FAN speed
  4. Light alarm (Day/night Sensing)
  5. Magnetic pole indicator
  6. DC generator (wind mill)
  • TRANSISTOR cum SENSOR based Experiments
  1. Disco/dancing light
  2. Automatic street light
  3. Automatic theft alarm/ security system
  4. Soil moisture indicator
  • IC Based Experiments
  1. Touch plate alarm using IC 555
  2. Wireless electrical tester using IC 4017