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JUST- Junior Scientist Trainer Kit

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Science Exhibition Kits

clap disco fire-alarm light-alarm  wet wpt



Product code
VP1 Wireless Power Transmission
VP2 Fire Alarm
VP3 Light / Morning Alarm
VP4 Automatic Streetlight
VP5 Wireless Electrical Tester
VP6 Clap Switch
VP7 Simple Door Alarm
VP8 Wind mill
VP9 Disco light
VP10 Theft alarm
VP11 Light Mapping
VP12 Two way intercom
VP13 Audio –MIC system (Mini amplifier)
VP14 Optical (light) voice communication
VP15 Officer Table Intercom
VP16 Gas leakage alarm
VP17 Magnetic door alarm
VP18 Water tank over flow indicator
VP19 Temperature based fan
VP20 Object finder for blind people / Dangling object
VP21 Child Guard Control
VP22 Electronic walking stick for blind people
VP23 Automatic calling bell
VP24 Power generation from touch plate
VP25 Solar mobile phone charger
VP26 Mini led torch light
VP27 Modern mobile phone stand with theft alarm
VP28 Power generation from waste heat (free energy)
VP29 Power generation from ice (free energy)
VP30 Egg blender
VP31 Hydro power plant
VP32 Mobile  phone signal detector
VP33 Automatic  railway gate control
VP34 Earth quake alarm
VP35 Mini insect robot
VP36 Hand operated cell phone charger
VP37 Jewel box theft alarm
VP38 Traffic light controller
VP39 Battery tester
VP40 Bottle mouse trapper
VP41 Air pressure vehicle
VP42 Dc motor speed controller
VP43 Letter box indicator
VP44 Human alive detection system
VP45 Automatic electronic bulb
VP46 Solar based Agri-insect trapper without liquid
VP47 Automatic flooding alarm and indicator
VP48 Traffic signal based vehicle engine control system
VP49 Earth quake alarm
VP50 Automatic  vehicle braking system (accident avoider)
VP51 Mini  solar car
VP52 Remote based device control
VP53 Automatic vehicle wiper controlling system
VP54 Fm transmitter & receiver
VP55 Solar Natural Cooker
VP56 Automatic solar panel tracking system
VP57 Automatic agriculture irrigation system
VP58 +5V power supply (1-Amp)
VP59 +9V power supply (1-Amp)
VP60 +12V power supply (1-Amp)
VP61 +15V power supply (1-Amp)
VP62 -5V power supply (1-Amp)
VP63 -9V power supply (1-Amp)
VP64 -12V power supply (1-Amp)
VP65 -15V power supply (1-Amp)
VP66 Dual Power Supply (any range)
VP67 Power generation from door moment
VP68 ECO-mosquito trapper
VP69 Power generation from Hand rotational moment
VP70 Home automation (Light, Fan)
VP71 Automatic street Light illumination control
VP72 Simple Vacuum cleaner
VP73 Infrared Voice communication
VP74 Mirror reflection  kit
VP75 Logic gates verification (AND, OR, NOT)
VP76 Rain alarm
VP77 Electronic mini bike
VP78 Traffic signal sign –demo board
VP79 Automatic Medicine Tablet remainder box
VP80 Automatic respiratory detection system
VP81 Automatic flood intimation system
VP82 Hydraulic lift / Crane