VAND1 An Android Application For Next Generation Disaster Management
VAND2 Multi user Bluetooth based Android Chat Application
VAND3 Implementation of Android application to convert the Text to Voice
VAND4 IPROB- an Emergency Responder Android Application for Monitoring, tracking and Responding



VJ1 A Precise Termination Condition of the Probabilistic Packet Marking Algorithm
VJ2 Efficient transfer of data among the nodes by Dynamic Network Load Balancing
VJ3 Maximizing P2P File Access Availability in Networks though Replication for Efficient File Sharing
VJ4 Software Puzzle: A Countermeasure to Denial-of-Service Attacks
VJ5 Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
VJ6 Improving packet loss measurement in a network
VJ7 Histogram Based Global Load Balancing   in Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems
VJ8 Congestion control using network based protocol
VJ9 Graphical User Interface Supported Game Application in Java
VJ10 Virtual Private Network- A highly Efficient and Secured Network
VJ11 Evaluating the vulnerability of network traffic using joint security and outing analysis



VDN1 Secure data transfer over Internet using Image Stegnography
VDN2 Improving Security and efficiency in data sharing by using encryption of data
VDN3 Enhanced Security of real world electronic voting system
VDN4 Implementation of Apriori Algorithm
VDN5 Staff Attendance & Payroll Management System
VDN6 E-Billing System for retailer
VDN7 Meteosat Images Encryption based on  RSA Algorithms
VDN8 Reversible data hiding in encrypted JPEG streaming
VDN9 Card payment security using Public Key cryptographic  Algorithms
VDN10 E-Authentication system using OTP
VDN11 Robust Face-Name Graph Matching for Movie Character Identification
VDN12 random cast energy efficient Communication scheme for MANET
VDN13 An efficient secure data transmission for cluster based WSN
VDN14 Adaptive traffic engineering system based on virtual routing topology
VDN15 EXAMP-Expedite Message Authentication Protocol for Vehicle Ad hoc Network



VDM1 Automatic Defect tracking and Summarization of Bug Reports
VDM2 Web based approach for recruitment Process
VDM3 Facilitating Effective User Navigation through Website Structure Improvement
VDM4 Website Evaluation using Web mining
VDM5 Weather forecasting using data mining
VDM6 Development of a feature-rich on-request course coordination system
VDM7 E-Commerce Product rating based on customer review mining
VDM8 Text Mining-Supported Information Extraction
VDM9 SafeNote Encryption and Stegnography Application
VDM10 The Role of Apriori Algorithm for Finding the Association Rules in Data Mining
VDM11 Implementation of RSA Network Algorithm
VDM12 Domain specific search of nearest hospital for health care management scheme
VDM13 An Enhancement Architecture for feature based opinion mining from product reviews
VDM14 Customer behavior prediction using Web usage Mining
VDM15 Cancer / Disease Prediction using data mining
VDM16 Mining E-Business to enhance Marketing Strategies of company
VDM17 Student academic performance and social behavior predictor using data mining techniques
VDM18 A review: Crime analysis using data mining techniques and algorithms
VDM19 Frequent Temporal Pattern Mining for Medical Data Based on Ranged Relations
VDM20 Electrocardiographic criteria for the diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy based on data mining
VDM21 Heuristic approach to online purchase prediction based on internet store visitors classification using data mining methods
VDM22 Complementary Aspect based Opinion Mining using sentimental classification techniques on user Reviews for Restaurant ranking
VDM23 Toward intelligent assistance for a data mining process: an ontology-based approach for cost-sensitive classification
VDM24 The Analysis and prediction of customer reviews rating using opinion mining
VDM25 Fast Warehouse Management System (WMS) using RFID based goods locator system
VDM26 Integration protocol student academic information to campus RFID gate pass system
VDM27 The research of customer loyalty improvement in telecom industry based on NPS data mining
VDM28 Predicting hospital readmission from longitudinal healthcare data using graph pattern mining based temporal phenotypes



VCC1 CDA Generation and Integration for Health Information Exchange Based on Cloud Computing
VCC2 A secure authentication and data security for online banking in cloud environment
VCC3 Cloud-Assisted Mobile-Access for Student Performance Evaluation
VCC4 E-Learning platform using Cloud Computing
VCC5 Advanced Intelligent tourist guide in Cloud Infrastructure
VCC6 Cloud Based Blood Requirement and Blood Availability Support for Blood bank
VCC7 Online Book store system in cloud Infrastructure
VCC8 Cloud based Career Guidance System
VCC9 Secured Electronic fund transfer over Internet using Cryptographic Algorithm
VCC10 Security issues of cloud based storage



VNS1 Secure routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks
VNS2 Implementation and Security against DOS Attacks in network
VNS3 Seamless Network Access by Moving Vehicle in Heterogeneous Network for VANET
VNS4 Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks Detection in Wireless Networks
VNS5 Effective Congestion Control And Scheduling For Wireless Networks Using Prioritized Queuing Mechanism
VNS6 Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgement A Special Intrusion Detection System For MANET
VNS7 Simulation comparison and analysis of DSR and AODV protocols in MANETs
VNS8 A Hybrid Multipath Routing Protocol To Prevent The Malicious Node Attacks In Wireless Networks
VNS9 Resource Partitioning and User Association With Sleep-Mode Base Stations in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
VNS10 Priority-Based Timeslot Assignment  In Mac Protocol For Heterogeneous Traffic In Wireless Sensor Networks
VNS11 Enhancing  Performance Of MANET By Using  Protocol For Unified Multicasting Through Announcement(Puma)
VNS12 A Study on Secure Intrusion Detection System in Wireless MANETs to Increase the Performance of Eaack
VNS13 EQF: An Explicit Queue-Length Feedback for TCP Congestion Control in Datacenter Networks
VNS14 Congestion control routing using optimal channel assignment mechanism in wireless mesh network
VNS15 QoS performance evaluation of AODV and DSR routing protocols in city VANET scenarios
VNS16 Performance evaluation of beacons control data dissemination protocol in handover scenario for VANET
VNS17 Research on Balanced Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Network Nodes Based on Clustering Algorithm
VNS18 A self adaptive sleep/ wake scheduling approaches for Wireless sensor networks
VNS19 Improving QoS and QoE Through Seamless Handoff in Software-Defined IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networks
VNS20 Congestion control scheme performance and analysis based on non linear RED
VNS21 A novel predictive congestion control algorithm for urban traffic network
VNS22 An architecture of smart transportation system using modified RR algorithm and VANET
VNS23 On the Analytical Calculation of the Probability Distribution of End-to-End Delay in a Two-Way Highway VANET
VNS24 Authenticated anonymous secure on demand routing protocol in VANET(Vehicular adhoc network)
VNS25 Revocation of misbehaving vehicles during data dissemination among connected vehicles in VANET



VIMP1 Fast Retinal Vessel Detection and Measurement Using Wavelets and Edge Location Refinement
VIMP2 Crack Detection and Classification Based on New Edge Detection Method
VIMP3 Nearest Neighbor on iris recognition using randomized partitioning
VIMP4 Color based multiple object tracking using Matlab
VIMP5 Image segmentation based on markov random fields
VIMP6 Segmentation of pet images based on affinity propagation clustering
VIMP7 Feature extraction for character recognition in matlab
VIMP8 Soft thresholding for image segmentation
VIMP9 Face detection based on Support Vector Machine Classifier



VAP1 Web based Library Book Availability Enquiry and finder
VAP2 Payroll and Trip Monitoring System for Travel Agency
VAP3 Railway tracking and Arrival Time Prediction
VAP4 Criminal Investigation Tracker with support prediction
VAP5 Internet based courier tracking and delivery system
VAP6 Telephone Connection Management and Bill Payment System
VAP7 Efficient methodology for College Automation and Scheduling process
VAP8 Smart ticket booking system using RFID
VAP9 University Result analysis system
VAP10 Time sheet tracker
VAP11 Secure E- Shopping System
VAP12 Design and Implementation of Web based Examination System
VAP13 Online Job Portal
VAP14 Design and Implementation of E-Secure Transaction
VAP15 Online customer service application
VAP16 RFID based Toll Plaza Management System
VAP17 Super Market Management system
VAP18 Controlling Desktop activities
VAP19 Framework for Retail Pharmacy  Management System
VAP20 Automobile Dealer Management System
VAP21 Education Assignment Dashboard
VAP22 Airline/ Railway Ticket Booking System
VAP23 Cyber Café Management System
VAP24 Intelligent Hospital Management System
VAP25 Inventory and Order Processing System
VAP26 School/ College Management System
VAP27 Staff Attendance & Payroll Management System
VAP28 Development of feature rich practical online Leave Management scheme (LMS)