VAND1 A new schemes for controlling drilling machine operation using android app
VAND2 Compact Controlling System of  vehicle mirror angle adjustment using modern GUI APP
VAND3 A fast and accurate on automobile data acquisition and diagnosis hardware structure using android telematics
VAND4 An efficient and accurate controlling process of dam shutter operation during emergency period using smart phone app
VAND5 Android Controlled industrial monitoring  Robot With Night Vision Camera
VAND6 Intelligent controlling process of conveyor system using smart phone app




VPN1 Air pressure based bicycle
VPN2 Double axis JCB equipment operating system
VPN3  Injection moulding machine
VPN4 Air operated two wheeler
VPN5 Name pressing machine
VPN6 Sheet cutting machine
VPN7 Vice and jack
VPN8 Grinding machine
VPN9 Water pumping system
VPN10 Compressed air production using vehicle suspension
VPN11 Zig zag pneumatic lift
VPN12 Wheel chair cum bed
VPN13 Paint spraying machine
VPN14 Chapatti making machine
VPN15 Paper pressing machine
VPN16 Punching machine
VPN17 Bench wise
VPN18 Drilling machine
VPN19 Air vehicle
VPN20 Tapping machine
VPN21 New invention of Flexible vehicle lift
VPN22 Modern flexible railway gate control



VHYD1 Hydraulic pipe bending machine
VHYD2 Hydraulic bearing puller
VHYD3 Hydraulic sheet bending machine
VHYD4 Hydraulic lift
VHYD5 Hydraulic jack
VHYD6 Hydraulic fork lift
VHYD7 Hydraulic disk brake





VMOT1 Modern mini Helicopter
VMOT2 Remote operated rolling shutter system
VMOT3 Motorized board cleaner
VMOT4 Motorized vegetable cutting machine
VMOT5 Agri cutter machine
VMOT6 Motorized ramming machine
VMOT7 Simple electric crane for lifting pump
VMOT8 Groundnut thrashing machine
VMOT9 Millet thrashing machine
VMOT10 Crane system
VMOT11 Screw jack
VMOT12 Air dryer
VMOT13 Seed sowing machine
VMOT14 Automatic bar feeding mechanism for cutting machine
VMOT15 Coconut scrubbing  machine
VMOT16 Turmeric planting machine
VMOT17 Tree planting machine
VMOT18 Vegetable planting machine
VMOT19 Floor cleaning machine
VMOT20 Grass cutting machine
VMOT21 Mosaic polishing machine
VMOT22 Stacking of vehicle parking system
VMOT23 High impact design structure of river /ocean flexible crossing bridge




VOT1 Hydro power plant
VOT2 Hybrid Energy power plant
VOT3 Modern Submarine system
VOT4 Air Engine
VOT5 Fire engine automation
VOT6 Mini air cooler system
VOT7 Hybrid mechanical system acting for Fridge as well as heater
VOT8 Intelligent  auto displaying system of CNC machine status in Risky time
VOT9 Vertical wind mill system
VOT10 Horizontal wind mill system with tail
VOT11 Modern thermal engine (sterling)
VOT12 Hand operated washing machine
VOT13 Hand operated lifting crane
VOT14 Vertical parking system of vehicle in modern apartments-VMOT22
VOT15 Free Energy based natural food baking process- parabolic collector
VOT16 Remote operated belt conveyor automation
VOT17 Power generation from wheel jack motion
VOT18 Hybrid fuel operated bike
VOT19 LPG gas operated vehicle
VOT20 Solar vehicle
VOT21 Pedal operated pumping system





VAM1 Fabrication of EMBS (Electro Magnetic Braking system)
VAM2 Automatic brake failure indicator
VAM3 Fabrication of head lamp alignment system-VAM16
VAM4 Fabrication of battery (or) coil ignition system
VAM5 Vehicle self-autonomous
VAM6 automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm-VAM2
VAM7 Automatic head light dim-bright controller
VAM8 Automatic rain operated wiper
VAM9 Automatic speed controlling mechanism in speed limit zone
VAM10 Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
VAM11 Hybrid free energy  fuel system for smart vehicle
VAM12 Air pollution monitoring system  for automobile
VAM13 Modern vehicle engine ignition system using digitized code
VAM14 Modern vehicle engine ignition process using smart phone security system
VAM15 Smart key based vehicle mirror adjustment
VAM16 Stearing rotation based head lamb adjustment
VAM17 Automatic braking system (ABS)
VAM18 Automatic Parking Braking System
VAM19 Sensor Operated Electromagnetic Clutch And Braking System




VROB1 Robotic trolley for material handling
VROB2 Solar iron scrub collector
VROB3 Material: Pick and place robot
VROB4 Vegetable plugging robot
VROB5 Human alive detection robot
VROB6 Process Monitoring robot
VROB7 Remote operated trucking robot



VMET1  Auto side stand indicator with engine control
VMET2 Button operated smart gear changer
VMET3 Involutes gear profile error detector
VMET4 Automatic cutting machine with auto feed system
VMET5 Escalator automation
VMET6 PC based  machine operating system
VMET7 PC based Object lifting system
VMET8 Wiper automation
VMET9 Railway gate automation
VMET10 Door automation
VMET11 Remote mini quadcopter
VMET12 Automatic Guided Vehicle
VMET13 SMS based vehicle ignition system
VMET14 Differential locking system for automobile
VMET15 Automatic over speed controller for automobile system
VMET16 Fire fighting vehicle automation
VMET17 Dish antenna tracking system