• Leading Manufacturers in Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical Equipments and Projects.
  • We are giving wonderful supports for students from different Education Program and Degree.
  • We help the students in identifying their skills and help them to develop their technical skills leading to technical growth in them.


VTEK Works

  • Project Development
  • Product Development
  • Technical Support for Students
  • Training Courses
  • Add On Courses / Workshops
  • Lab Equipment Manufacturing, Supply and Service
  • NEET Materials


VTEK Projects

We are solely focused on developing the projects that plays a vital role by impacting the growth of the community surrounding us as well as the developer of the project. The designed projects are eco friendly in nature of its design and further our projects have selected by many reputed high  level organization for scholarship purpose.

Numerous students have received funding from many multinational companies for their innovative ideas implemented…..


  • We Develop Projects in different domain for every category of students ( Diploma, Bsc, Msc, B.E, M.E)
  • We also develop science Exhibition projects for school students
  • We also train students on the working of the projects and also educate students to develop their own projects (if required) and help them gain strong knowledge about their projects.
  • We provide certificates as well as workshop programs.
  • We provide complete project reports as per student’s requisition.
  • Vtek Projects are best known for its timely delivery of projects with full completion status.


Our Supports:

We Develop and supply various products like

  • Educational Kits
  • Home Security Products
  • Lab Equipments
  • Equipment Servicing
  • Lab Manuals


VTEK Courses

  • VTEK Provides different training courses for students in order to  promote their technical knowledge based on their interest.
  • We Provide Hands-on training to make students understand the concept in depth.
  • We also provide certificates on completion of courses.



We have developed projects that has been the state level and national level award winning projects.

The major strength of our company is the best customer support.